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Associations and study centres

  • AIRLOR air quality monitoring (Nancy)
  • Aria Technologies - climate studies, climatic modelling (Boulogne Billancourt)
  • Aspect Environnement - monitoring surface and underground water quality (Ennery)
  • BIOTOPE - plant and habitat inventory and mapping, SPAF protocol (Nancy)
  • CETAM Moselle Apiculture Technique Studies Centre - inventory and monitoring of bees and associated products (honey, propolis, pollen) (Guénange)
  • CPEPESC Lorraine Commission for Protection of Water, Underground Environment Heritage and Bats (Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy)
  • CPIE Permanent Centre of Initiatives for the Environment (Soulaines)
  • CPNCA Champagne-Ardenne Institute of Natural Heritage - inventory and monitoring of bats, research on roosts/colonies, 40 listening points, ONF/MNHN protocol (Bar-sur-Aube)
  • Entomologic - inventory and monitoring of insects, counting and trapping (Coleoptera, Diptera, Odonata, Lepidoptera) (Nancy)
  • EPL Agro, Centre for Agricultural Training - forest inventories (Bar-le-Duc)
  • Departmental hunting federation 55 - large mammals: counting, hunting plans, hunting logs
  • Departmental hunting federation 52 - large mammals: counting, hunting plans, hunting logs
  • Departmental fishing federation 52 - electrofishing
  • Departmental fishing federation 55 - electrofishing
  • Micropolluant Technologie - analysis of pesticides and other (organic) pollutants in soil and biological matrices (Thionville)
  • NEOMYS - bird monitoring STOC-capture and STOC-EPS (MNHN), 5 capture stations (10 nets), 10 listening areas (10 pts) and amphibian monitoring, monitoring of reproductive sites - monitoring migration sites – trajectories (Velaine)

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