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SOERE-OPE Call for Proposals 2012

The SOERE-OPE 2012-2013 Call for Proposals is looking for projects in the fields of Biogeochemical Cycles and Dynamics of Rural Areas, these having been the subject of think-tanks during the Outlook Day held in March 2011 at the Palais de la Découverte in Paris.

All projects that are submitted must be based mainly in the same region as the OPE but may also involve other geographical areas, in particular if it involves furthering the OPE's integration into networked monitoring systems (SO, SOERE, Zone Atelier etc.). Priority will be given to structure-building projects that show a strong interdisciplinary aspect or that bring together many national teams around a common environmental theme. Projects must last no longer than two years and require no more than €40,000 in funding.

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